After pass barking dogs
I see two angels stripping their wings
And trembling quietly, in your eyes.

At that moment, apart from the moss color on the stone wall
the town has changed its face into darkest gray.

And in your eyes, the angels stabbing each other
the air draws a line accross the sky for every thrust.

“There was a death, like meaningless last kiss,
I hear dogs howling
like the curse of a silence that rises and sinks as the day changes.

Yet there is always lying himself a night walker
passing on the side of buildings which play a war ending anthem,
the songs sending a series of explosions to my young heart.

“It was a slow death, like letting go the embrace silently: except the eternal emptiness,” hisses wind
Its only your eyes moving untamed in the night.

Translated by Ayu Winastri (Korea-Asean Poets Literature Festival Antology “Sound of Asia”, 2011)

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